D1 Racing – Aluminum Flywheels

The D1 Racing lightweight aluminum flywheel is an excellent performance upgrade over a stock flywheel. Our aluminum flywheels use a steel friction surface similar to the stock friction surface to maintain longetivity and reduce weight. The friction surface is replaceable and does not require machining at the time of replacement. This makes for a truly modular flywheel--you won't even need to unbolt it from the crankshaft. The reduced inertia of this flywheel enables torque to transfer to the wheels faster at the slight cost of drivability. This flywheel can mate with any clutch friction material, including any of our Performance and Xtreme clutch kits.
  • A: Grade 8 aircraft quality friction surface bolts
  • B: Coarse ground surface to maintain coefficient of friciton
  • C: Stepped pin dowels to maintain plate balance and placement
  • D: Tig-welded safety tab to eliminate ring gear seperation
  • E: Heilicoil bolt holes to insure proper torque value and eliminate thread damage